Fixing Christmas (A Dickens Holiday Romance – Dorrit’s Diner)


Abracadabra Charles is a writer who’s struggling to finish her latest book. The twice-divorced author decides to leave the warmth of Las Vegas to spend Christmas in her New England hometown of Dickens. Colton Bree is known as the town’s Mr. Fix-It, an appropriately handsome hunk who’s good with tools. Will coming home be all Abra hopes it to be? And will Colton be able to see past the opinionated and somewhat neurotic woman who is in constant need of his help?

“Fixing Christmas” is a cute story of a woman who comes home to find herself, and her writing mojo, amongst family and friends in the small town where she grew up. While it takes a few encounters requiring the hero’s maintenance expertise, it’s obvious these two opposites are going to attract. The town of Dickens is also a bonus, a lovely setting during the holiday season. While this book is a standalone, there are at least two other books by Peggy Jaeger that deal with the characters that inhabit Dorrit’s Diner and act as supporting characters in this book. The comic relief between the two main characters is well done, although there were times when the heroine’s snarky attitude might be a bit off-putting. The author has a tendency for writing extremely long, run-on sentences that the reader may find confusing. Nevertheless, “Fixing Christmas” is a nice holiday romance with the expected happy ending that will bring a smile to reader’s faces this season!

N.E. Kelley