Falling for the Diva (Opera Dynasty Romance book 3)


Another fine story in the Opera Dynasty series! This story centers around Giuseppe, the brother of the opera star siblings, and his lost love, Fiona, an Irish opera star. Now Fiona has landed the lead part of Carmen, and Guiseppe comes to New York as male lead in the same opera. His ulterior motive is to win back Fiona’s heart. She has no intention of trusting him again since he walked out on her three years ago without a word of explanation. Besides, Carmen is her big opportunity, and she has a secret she has no intention of sharing. Once he finds out, it just might be the undoing of their relationship. On stage they play ill-fated lovers, doomed to lose. They are desperate to avoid the same fate off stage.

A great second chance romance, full of angst and regret! Throw in a conflicted hero, a determined heroine, and a controlling mother, and readers will delight in this story. It is fresh in its uniqueness. Technical parts like opera knowledge and behind the scenes workings score high points, easily painting realistic pictures. At times the story drags, getting bogged down in repetitive flashbacks and internal monologues. Conflicts were well defined, though Fiona’s fear that Guiseppe’s mother would steal something precious from her seemed a little unfounded. Character’s nervous habits became repetitive actions, where a mixture of nervous habits might have rounded them out more. Fiona’s flashbacks and current thoughts were not separated and ran from one paragraph to the next without a clear break. Beyond minor syntax items, this is a clean, wholesome love story that will delight itself to fans of romances and anyone interested in opera.

Emerson Matthews