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TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Emma is not your typical twenty-one year old. After being abandoned by her mother, she was raised by her grandparents in their retirement home, spending her weekends playing board games with senior citizens. Her life had some stability, until her grandfather passed away, followed by her grandmother two short years later.

FAIRYTALE:  Lady Angelique’s world is one of fear — of her stepdaughter, Eleanor. Ever since she was a young child, Eleanor has displayed strange behavior.

SCI-FI:  The Central Galactic Concordance has quarantined the frontier planet Polaris-Gamma after blight destroys all crops. However, the settlers of Pol-G know that the truth behind the quarantine most likely has more do to with the planetary government refusing to join the CGC than the blight, and if the settlers don’t escape they will all starve to death.

SCI-FI:  Saakshi, a young rebel imprisoned by the Ketaari Imperial Forces, is sent to a distant space station to work in an alehouse. Things could be worse for her, but when a mercenary named Zoran walks in to the alehouse, her life takes an unexpected turn. With an enemy on her heels, who will stop at nothing to hurt her, Saakshi must depend on Zoran to protect her.

TIME TRAVEL:  Zane Rossington, Marquess of Seabrooke, is cynical and bored — and believes there is no such thing as love. His attitude begins to change, however, when he finds Lady Callista Lyon in his conservatory at his annual masquerade ball. Lady Callista is determined to have her revenge but in doing so finds herself in a deadly situation.