To Weave a Highland Tapestry (A Tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights)


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Gwen Hywel wins the commission to weave a tapestry for the newly restored castle belonging to the MacFhearguis family. As she explores the castle grounds for inspiration, she comes across a majestic yew tree with a golden thread embedded in its bark.  When she pulls the thread from the tree, she finds herself magically catapulted back to medieval times into the hands of nefarious fiends. While traveling to the neighboring castle held by the Dragon Knights, Patrick MacFhearguis and two of his men rush to Gwen’s rescue from a gang of men trespassing on their land with dishonorable intentions for their captive.  Though they cannot deny their strong attraction for each other, will Gwen and Patrick be able to triumph over the grip his family’s past has on his heart and the walls her insecurities have built around her desire for love?

Mary Morgan weaves a delightful and enchanting tale around the reader’s heart with this spellbinding magical romance! Although readers may find some of the mystical references from other stories in the Dragon Knight saga a little confusing if they haven’t had the pleasure of reading those other tales, they will still be able to enjoy the love story of these two characters. The exciting chemistry between Gwen and Patrick is laced with the wonder of discovery and the fires of undeniable passion. The contrasting elements of time-travel and mystical lore are interwoven with fae magic, humor, and sensuality that give this short story an epic feel. Readers will definitely want to continue enjoying the captivating supernatural world Ms. Morgan has filled with honorable Highlanders, brave time-traveling women, and legends of Scottish yore.

Tonya Mathenia