Seize the Day (The UnBRCAble Women Series Book 2)

Kathryn R.

WOMEN'S FICTION/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Erin McAvoy is a lover of animals, which shows since she works at a zoo. The animals, particularly a sloth named Barry, feel like her kids. She wants kids of her own, but unfortunately, time is ticking away. She has the BRCA-1 gene, which makes her highly likely to develop breast or ovarian cancer. She has little time before she has to have surgery, but the dating world has proven to be a disaster. She becomes determined to become a mom on her own and with the help of Xander, her hot but annoying coworker. They create a contract to be co-parents and give Erin the dream she has always wanted. Only one problem...she is struggling to not fall in love with Xander. 

This book should be a movie or TV series! This is an amazing romantic comedy that also touches on deeper issues. The BRCA-1 gene is terrifying and this book does a great job of showing what women go through and how they cope with their vision of their lives being taken away. It also touches on the expense of trying to become a parent, and how it is virtually impossible if money is an issue. However, the book is also light and at many points, utterly hilarious. Erin is one of the most relatable characters and readers will instantly love her. Xander is also perfect, his sarcasm and wit are wonderfully funny when sparring with Erin. Plus, who doesn’t love animals? This book is absolutely perfect for romance and animal lovers alike! 

Amanda Hupe