WOMEN'S FICTION:  A work trip to Aspen with her husband is the perfect getaway. Who knew a knock on the hotel door could turn your world upside down? Suddenly a stranger is in the room that Delilah and Ben have been sharing. Dee had opened the door in haste, assuming that Ben forgot something. In an instant, the attacker was on her and pinned her to the bed. He’s clean cut, smells nice and is well dressed. Who is this man and has he been watching her? Will anyone believe that she did not invite this stranger into her life? Shock sets in and Dee decides to keep her secret for a bit. Can Delilah get the help she needs, and muster up enough courage to get back to her life, how it was before Aspen?

“Damsel” is a heartbreaking and gripping story! A sexual assault starts the book and takes readers on a journey of trauma, tragedy and healing. The portrayal of a single incident that casts an effect on an entire family is well written and will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. There are signs of healing throughout the story and although there is an abrupt ending, the progress of emotional health is present. Ms. Broemmer has penned a touching story out of a horrific situation. The main characters are well developed and the secondary characters round out a great support system. This work of fiction has a very real flavor that is hard to read at times, which shows off this writer's talent.  

Viola Robins