Love Thy Galactic Enemy (Repelling the Invasion Book 4)


SCI-FI:  Araminta’s team has abandoned her on the enemy’s space station, forcing her to fend for herself. Without any money or any friends to count on, her only chance is to find a way off the space station and back to Proxima, but so far, her contact has not showed up, and with each passing day, she grows more desperate. 

Renting a bed in the cheapest place she can find, she hopes nobody will take up the other spot in her room. Unfortunately, the landlady shows up with a very ill young man named Finn Shanwing, and Minta agrees to nurse him in exchange for free housing. When she learns more and more about him, especially his relationship to her own mortal enemy, she isn’t sure what to do with her growing feelings toward him. Finn is not immune to the charms of his nurse either… Even though they are supposed to be enemies, their hearts might tell them otherwise. 

With some amazing, in-depth, detailed world-building and solid storytelling, author Edward Hoornaert has created a world that is both vast and impressive, and yet at the same time feels very familiar. The characters are outstanding, with realistic personalities, goals and fears. The romance feels natural and real, but it is also only a small part of a far bigger story, of allies and spies, rebellion, hopes and dreams, and that shows the world is far from a simple black and white. 

Majanka Verstraete