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COMEDY:  Decades ago, the now 118 year-old Sister Agatha made a promise.

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  All her life Mia has taken pride in her compliance with the Council’s rules and way of life in her Village.

TIME TRAVEL:  Rhys and Arabella are an unlikely pair to meet, especially under such extreme circumstance of a civil war taking place in 17th century Wales. It’s an unsettled time and she has been spoken for by another man. Raglan Castle, where they are currently housed, is under siege and their futures are most uncertain. The draw is undeniable.



SCI-FI:  Lieutenant Brielle Sinclair has a lot to live up to.  Not only is she the first woman navigator in the Sinclair Demesnes Services, but she is also a member of the royal Sinclair family.  Proud an

STEAMPUNK:  Amelia Everley has spent the majority of her life as crew of the Mercury airship.