Fires of Hell: The Alchemystic

Maureen L.

STEAMPUNK:  Amelia Everley has spent the majority of her life as crew of the Mercury airship. Under the guidance of its captain and engineer she has fought for her place aboard, honed her engineering skills and became an innovator. However, when her beloved captain is murdered and his son takes over, her time on this airship may come to an end. If she cannot find a way to make Josiah see past her gender, trust her judgment, and work with her, it could lead to the destruction of their ship and crew. With forces working to destroy them, will Amelia and Josiah be able to put aside their differences and discover who is behind these attacks? Or will destruction find them both?


“Fires of Hell” combines the alluring world of steampunk with a fabulous tale of mystery, sabotage and delicious sprinkles of romance. Ms. Mill’s descriptive story telling makes everything from the smallest gadget, to the airships themselves, come to life before the reader’s eyes. Both Amelia and Josiah are incredibly complex characters, trying to navigate not only the untimely loss of a loved one, but the responsibilities of their elevated positions. With intelligent dialogue, stubborn lovable characters and mysteries to solve, the reader will want to join the Mercury crew on many missions to come!


Amelia Kitch