SCI-FI:  Lieutenant Brielle Sinclair has a lot to live up to.  Not only is she the first woman navigator in the Sinclair Demesnes Services, but she is also a member of the royal Sinclair family.  Proud and fearless, she is prepared for every eventuality, or so she thinks.  Nothing can prepare her for the Hell beast - an energy being that threatens to engulf the planet Venturi.  In a race against the clock that will test Brielle’s formidable abilities, she must not only save Venturi but also the man who may be the love of her life.


“Ability” is an exciting race-against-the-clock space opera that will appeal to fans who like light science fiction. Brielle, the book’s heroine, is a fiercely intelligent and independent woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it.  This is the main problem with this story.  Brielle is a static character who remains essentially the same throughout. She never struggles with the right and wrong of her actions and there is no problem that she can’t handle.  With no true character development, Brielle is more of a superhero than a character with a journey that the reader can share.

Caye’s representation of Brielle’s world is fascinating and the prose is well-written.  The story is formulaic but also imbued with enough twists and turns to keep the reader interested.  Definitely an enjoyable but light foray into science fiction and fantasy.

Gwenellen Tarbet