Sister Agatha: The World's Oldest Serial Killer


COMEDY:  Decades ago, the now 118 year-old Sister Agatha made a promise. Mishearing her doctor leads her to believe she has less than a week to live, so she decides to put her promise into a plan and carry it out. She wants to be the oldest living person in the world, but there are four others ahead of her. Never having left Ireland before she entered the convent doesn't deter her from taking the abbey's credit card and flying off to knock off each of her competition.


A serial-killing nun is not your everyday romance related topic, but it truly is a romance. Written rather tongue-in-cheek yet with an earnest intensity—a mind-boggling mix that actually kind of works—readers are going to have to suspend belief about a nun plotting, planning, and carrying out first degree murder, let alone one who has long passed the century mark. The next hurdle is the style the tale is written in. Unlike most contemporary books, the language and sentence structure are very complex - with many asides written into it - which makes it either too challenging for readers wanting light fare or perfect for those wanting to sink their teeth into alternate writing styles. There are life stories and backgrounds on nearly every character. While interesting these are not necessary to the story and pull the reader from the main plot, making it difficult to follow. With its unlikely twists, handing fate back to God and not the killer nun, there is plenty to keep readers wondering till the end. 


Julie York