The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight (Shadows from the Past #4)


TIME TRAVEL:  Rhys and Arabella are an unlikely pair to meet, especially under such extreme circumstance of a civil war taking place in 17th century Wales. It’s an unsettled time and she has been spoken for by another man. Raglan Castle, where they are currently housed, is under siege and their futures are most uncertain. The draw is undeniable. They now have to stay alive and keep their relationship a secret.

Josh is a New Zealander who has been traveling and unaware of his inheritance - Merrick Court Castle and a title to match. He needs to see it for himself. Although Lady Merrick (Tess) still resides in the castle, she is fully aware that none of it belongs to her and her late husband has left her more debt that she can ever dream of escaping. Louis, her nephew, plots a way to help, and there may even be a few visitors from the past looking out for her well being.

This time slip, as Ms. Courtenay refers to it, is a clever story of current time intertwined with ancient times and characters. The plot of the two parallel storylines is creative and deftly written. The paranormal visits are placed well within the story. The time slips (or visions) that Tess endures seemingly connect to the ancient time, but the story also changes perspective intermittently. Readers may enjoy continuity of her visions connecting the two universes. The historical facts included make for a believable story and a treasure hunt for lost jewels is always an exciting addition to a historical romance.

Viola Robins