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Wedding Day

Dallas Day is a famous rodeo bull rider, temporarily hampered by a broken wrist. He’s recuperating at the family home in Frisbee, Texas, along with his parents and his brother. He’s a bit bored with the downtime, until his brother bets him he can’t get the new animal vet in town to date him.

MYSTERY:  Five friends are playing cards at Mark’s spare apartment, waiting for Daniel to finish making khash, a special Armenian dish.

Out of the Zoo
Susan Zoe

Lilah was born into the sex slave trade at a place known only as “The Zoo”. She is determined to escape and help all the others get away from the depraved men who run the organization.

DYSTOPIAN:  Mira has been both the vampire and otherkin’s only hope of peace, but she is now dead in the arena. When she fell, the uprising of the vampires and otherkin began.

For firefighter Sean Grayson, things are going haywire.  After being told to evacuate a building where fire is raging, he discovers a little boy still trapped in the inferno.  As he makes his way to the t