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The Captain (Griffin Force 2)
Julie Coulter

Brenna is working undercover for Griffin Force and has been sold as a slave to Nazer. She dutifully does as she is told and works quietly in his household.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Amelia enjoyed being part of the volunteer group in North Pole, Alaska that answered letters to Santa.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Anna and Kiran have a blissful marriage and a colorful extended, blended family.

Jasper Lafavre may be made of stone during the day, but his heart is as warm and passionate as any human’s.  After a horrifying and bitter betrayal, he wanders the earth both hiding from his brother and l

Alexa Manchester is following in her father’s footsteps to develop a new power source that will ensure available power for the masses.  A new power source called the Magpie is the culmination of his life’s work.  Things go wrong when Alexa reveals the Magpie to an eager public.  The fabled arch-villain Momo makes his move to steal the Magpie at her most triumphant moment but the heist doesn’t g