Break the Rules: The Flanagan Sisters Book 1


Bridget Flanagan knows she’s good at her job and she’s confident about the promotion she has applied for. What she doesn’t expect is for someone else to get it! A weekend fling is exactly what she needs and Jack is the perfect distraction. On Monday morning, she is equally surprised and horrified to find Jack is her new boss. Jack wants Bridget but she’s dead against them being together. She’s absolutely hot and he wants her. Jack must work hard to convince Bridget that they’re good together.


With a sizzling hot scene near the beginning, this book guarantees to keep a reader warm on a cold night! Jack is all alpha male and Bridget has a lot of sass and attitude; she's a very feisty character who isn't going to bend lightly to Jack's will.


Claire Boston has a brilliant style of writing that flows nicely. The dialogue between Jack and Bridget is engaging and funny. From the first love scene, the reader will be itching for the characters to get together. The story is not without its obstacles - the main one being Bridget- despite Jack telling her they are great together. There are times when yelling at Bridget out loud will seem like a very good idea. A very good start to a promising series!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick