Shift – Mackenzie Grey Book 1


Finding out you’re a werewolf is bad enough, but finding out there are more wolves out there is crazy! Mackenzie Grey is juggling a lot. Everything is thrown up in the air when an alpha and beta, Jonah and Sebastian kidnap her. Strong, determined and fighting the urges every wolf has, she is dragged into a fight that in hindsight has nothing to do with her. Investigating a spate of kidnappings, she finds herself torn between both males and the fight to keep her freedom. Alliances are formed and she is willing to fight for everything she has built up and she won’t let it go.

Mackenzie is a strong character who has a mouth on her and a lot of attitude to go with it. Where other books revolve the story around love, this one gives the power and strength to the female character. The dialogue between the characters is laugh out loud funny at times, and the secondary characters are well thought out and portrayed. However, there were points where description was lacking. Throughout the book the reader is left wondering who is behind the kidnappings and Karina Espinosa leaves the reader guessing until the end. A great start to what looks like a very promising series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick