Shadow Bloodlines Book 1

Andrea R.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  It was meant to be just another ordinary day. Beth is contacted by her estranged father out of the blue and told not to go to school. As if she’d listen to him after all these years. She’s wishing she had listened to him, though, when hunters attack her school looking for her. She escapes and has to figure out what’s going on. Trapped for centuries, Amar is rescued by a beautiful Shifter and feels protective of her. With hunters chasing them, Beth and Amar must find her father so she can find out what’s going on and save the lives of those she cares about. 


Written in the first person, this book takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of the main character. The action kicks in from the beginning with a very confused main character. Hearing her thoughts and feelings really assists with making a gripping story. However, there were grammar and punctuation issues that could have been fixed and would have assisted the book. For the first book in the series, it promises to keep a reader interested and is the beginning of a romance readers will be able to sink their teeth into and enjoy. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick