Roller Coaster Love

New Adult

Aime Wilson may not have much by the world’s standards but she is proud of the life she has built for herself and her two teenage children. As a single mother, running a dog grooming business out of her home, there isn’t much time or money for any “extras”, including a relationship - until the day she wins backstage passes to her daughter’s favorite band and comes face-to-face with Rob Robertson.

Rob Robertson is living the easy life. At twenty-five he is rich, famous and has the world at his fingertips, until he meets Aime. He never expected to fall in love with a single mother ten years his senior, but nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. Living two completely different lives, will Rob and Aime be able to find a way to make their love last?

This is a classic tale of two people from different worlds, coming together and discovering they may not be that different at all. Rob and Aime’s chemistry is instant and impossible to deny, but around every turn is another obstacle for them to overcome. Unfortunately, Aime is the one having to face disaster after disaster while the hero gets by unscathed. The reader may find their interest waning at times due to an abundance of filler and inconsistent character reactions. Though this story would benefit from a trimming in length and increased depth of characterization; Ms. Wilsoncroft’s easy writing and charismatic characters make this an enjoyable read.

Amelia Kitch