Reviews - Mystery

The Ostermann House

Michael and Audrey Felton are university professors in Houston, Texas, who decide that a home in the country might just be the balm they need after living in the city. When they find the country home on acreage at a very low price, they jump at the opportunity to be the next owners.

When A-list actor Kirk Ford wakes up with a dead girl in his bed, Jake Longly and his girlfriend Nicole are hired to look into what appears to be a pretty straightforward case. As much as Nicole wants to believe that her old friend Kirk is as innocent as he claims, the fact remains that two people were in a locked hotel room, and Kristi Guidry wound up dead.

La Isla de la Muerte sounds like a beautiful island according to the travel agent, even though its name means “Island of Death”. As they book their honeymoon on the island, Detective Johnathon Miller and Callie are full of  excitement and anticipation. However, when they arrive on the island, strange things begin to happen.

Hair Brained
Nancy J.

When their friends Ken and Tally cannot be found, Detective Dalton Vail and his wife Marla find themselves in a crisis.  Not only are their friends missing but also Ken and Tally now have to care for Luke, the couple's baby.

Who knew a trip to the doctor could be so deadly? When Shandra Higheagle comes down with a cold she can’t seem to shake, she schedules an appointment with Dr. Porter and ends up smack dab in the middle of a murder mystery. Despite her illness, Shandra and her boyfriend Detective Ryan Greer investigate the elderly benefactor's fall and quickly uncover more than one secret.