The Barn (A Deborah Strong Mystery)

Sharon L.

During their teenage years, Rachel Cummings and Deborah, while having their happy bike ride to one of their hangout joints (a barn), found the dead body of their friend, Joseph. Joseph and Rachel were teenage lovers, although they had kept it a secret. Afterward, both took different paths in life, but thirty years later, the death of Joseph’s mother brings them together. To free herself of Joseph’s ghost, Rachel convinces Deborah to help her search for Joseph’s murderer, who was never caught. Putting on their sleuth hats, the two women embark on a journey to unveil the truth behind Joseph’s murder. This leads them to the doors of different people in their small town in New Hampshire, such as their high school teacher, Lucille, the owner of the barn, Seth, Rachel’s brother (Teddy), and an old librarian, Bertha. 

Two female characters who have nothing but their God-given intuition set out to solve a murder. What a thrill! While the book has such a great premise, the delivery of the content may not sit well with readers who love action-driven novels. It would have been better to reduce the many descriptions of characters, places, and situations while keeping the flow steady and smooth. Nonetheless, the reader will enjoy the different twists and turns that draws one closer to the main characters. The unearthing of some secrets from the character’s lives comes out as a tasty delight that drives the reader through the pages of the book. Undoubtedly, it has a unique mix of a fantastic plot and unique characters. Murder mystery enthusiasts have a real goldmine in “The Barn”.

JM Lareen