River Running Backwards: A Winston Radhauser Mystery #9


When Winston Radhauser returns home because the uncle who raised him is dying, he has no idea just how many skeletons will be unearthed about his past. Winston learns his parents aren’t dead like he’s always been told: his mother, who hasn’t spoken a word in over 42 years, is in a mental institution, accused of murdering Winston’s three month old sister, and his father is missing. As Winston begins his own investigation into the truth about what happened to his sister, his mother and his father, dark secrets are unearthed that put his life in danger. Will he be able to discover the truth and clear his mother’s name, or will the evil of the past go to any lengths to keep the truth buried?

Wow, this newest addition to the Winston Radhauser series grips the reader from the first chapter and just doesn’t let go! Fast-paced and full of twists, turns, red herrings and “he/she did it!” moments, “River Running Backwards” is an absolute gem of a murder mystery. The characters are well-developed and believable, especially Winston. Readers will feel for him as he learns just how much of his life has been filled with lies. Susan Clayton-Goldner has an amazing talent for creating incredibly believable scenarios that the reader will find themselves fully invested in. An absolute delight from start to finish, this book is completely un-put-down-able!

Katy Nielsen