Poison in Paradise


Lexi Walker is living her dream. Working as a lifeguard and Port Adventures coordinator for Epic Cruise Line lets her travel the world, save lives, and have new experiences. On her latest trip to the Bahamas, Lexi even runs into a childhood friend she hasn’t seen in years. But when her old friend becomes entangled in murder, Lexi finds herself searching for answers in a murder investigation where everyone is hiding something, and few are grieving. Lexi’s attempts to investigate are further complicated by the presence of her new boss, Jack Carson, who seems to waiver between flirting and firing her. Proving that she’s an asset to the cruise line and can help her friend will put Lexi to the test, but she isn’t willing to give up.

A cozy mystery with an exotic setting, this story is a prime example of light mystery that readers can follow and devour in one sitting. Fans will enjoy Lexi’s attempts to solve the crime and still keep up with her day job. At the same time, there is a level of desperation that colors Lexi’s actions, almost as if she has PTSD from earlier events, and solving the crime, despite active discouragement from investigating, is the only way she can get closure. This quality does increase the tension in the book, but whether it will engross the reader or distract them will vary. Still, fans of the genre will have plenty to like about the book, including that it is a complete story and has a romance and characters that have so much room for more stories to tell.

Sarah Bradley