Housewife Chronicles


Beth Cartwright is struggling. Not only is she a widowed, single mom in a community of upper-class housewives that she never felt fit her, but just a few weeks prior to her husband Howard’s death, she found out he was cheating on her with the hot yoga instructor next door. Trying to piece her life back together is hard enough, especially with heartbroken teenagers to manage, but then she finds out her husband’s death might not have been natural, and she’s the number one suspect. To prove her innocence, Beth will need help from the women of her coffee group, and even her husband’s mistress, if she wants to uncover the truth.

A dark comedy with a strong mystery subplot, “Housewife Chronicles” is a winner for fans of the original “Desperate Housewives”. Written from the alternating viewpoint of Beth and Gina, the reader is taken on a very emotional journey between Beth’s struggle to find herself after years of self-neglect, betrayal, and forgotten dreams, and Gina’s heartache and clueless assumptions that everything should continue as if she had married into the family. The story is given further boosts by the introduction of the mystery around Howard’s death, the women’s attempts to uncover the truth, and the relationships between the women, their neighbors, romantic interests, and the kids; all of which builds a smoothly written story with challenging moral and ethical dilemmas that make this book one readers will either love or hate.

Sarah Bradley