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Brain Damage

Dr. Charlotte McKenna is a thriving dermatologist enjoying life as a single woman when a drop-dead gorgeous man appears in her office. Not one to date patients, she thinks she will never see the handsome Clark Douglas again, but when she runs into him months later he becomes the man of her dreams. Her life is perfect - until one night returning home she is shot in the head and almost killed.

HIS Return (HIS #3)

Jesse Cavanaugh had nothing to live for until the Hamilton family took him in and raised him as one of their own.  That’s why he could never act on his feelings for their beautiful daughter Emily - even i

Mirror, Mirror

After Adelle was jilted at the altar by the man she thought she would love and spend her life with, she is understandably gun-shy.  But, there are times when a date is an absolute necessity - like wedding

Detective J.D. Duncan is finally catching a break on a cold case murder from years earlier in her home of Longboat Key, Florida.

Skier Brynn Caley is ready to make the big leap:  to buy a sporting goods store and start her own outdoor skiing business. Unfortunately, the store she’s ready to buy catches the eye of fishing expert Gage Konewko, who wants it as well.