Ancient Heat


Werelions are alive and well, and Nicole Abramson in now living inside one of their bodies!   Sander Evans is a bit confused — his intended mate looks like she always does  but sure does not act like it.  His mate, Marseille, possesses a telekinetic power, which will block their main enemy, the Followers.  Nicole, while inhabiting Marseille's body, lets her opinion and emotions rule her actions, which labels her impulsive and she is judged as such by the werelion clan.  Sander is leading his clan through a difficult time with the Followers, and when they discover Nicole has a telekinetic power they can use as a weapon, she is in danger.  Nicole does not want any of this —  she just wants her life back. Sander in turn just wants his mate back, but neither can deny the attraction that ignites each time they are together. 

Nicole and Sander are intense characters, but are balanced by the author with humor and sarcasm, which adds another dimension to their interactions. Author Kira Shayde tackles issues such as  acceptance,  Asperger's Syndrome, courage and integrity, and weaves them beautifully through her book. It is frustrating for the reader, therefore, how many times Nicole and Sander miscommunicate, or misinterpret what the other means.   By the end of the book readers still do not truly know why they have an enemy. The explanation given is not from a trusted source, so it leads the reader to believe it is false.  Otherwise, "Ancient Heat" has intriguing moments, terrific heat and great characters.

Laura Dinsdale