Captured By Christmas (A Christmas Anthology)

Lynn Crandall,
Lainee Cole

Snowbound by Lynn Crandall

(From the Fierce Hearts series).  Were-lynx Kennedy Mitchell and Asher Monroe find themselves stuck in the snow with a killer who has been stalking humans. What had been planned as a romantic getaway becomes a fight for survival.

The Mistletoe Effect by Lainee Cole

Tess McCall doesn't like Christmas, but she's determined to make it special for her second grade students by arranging for them to read to shelter dogs. Alex Randle has just found out he's the father of little Holly and is worried about how he will cope. When a shelter dog called Mistletoe comes into their lives, she brings them together and shows them the true spirit of Christmas.

"Captured by Christmas" is an enjoyable anthology with two very different stories. Lynn Crandall brings the suspense and excitement with "Snowbound", which is well-written and sets a good pace. However, there were several aspects that felt rushed, due to the story being so short. As a continuation of the Fierce Hearts series, it would bring old fans enjoyment and entice new fans to go and check out the entire series.

Lainee Cole's "The Mistletoe Effect" is a tearjerker in every sense of the word. There won't be a dry eye in the house by the time readers finish this lovely story. There is sympathy for the characters, but again, the one drawback is that the book was not long enough. This is a story to melt the heart, and a great read in front of the fire in the Yuletide season. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick