Running Hot (Hell Ryders MC Book 2)

New Adult

Thomas “Cuss” Layne has been in love with Tiffany since he was in high school. She is from the right side of the tracks, and he is not. He will always be there for her no matter what, but he believes he is not good enough for her.  Tiffany has dated through college, but no one has ever given her the spark Thomas does.  When Tiffany’s father attempts to hire the Hell Ryders to take care of someone stalking Tiffany, Cuss  will not accept a penny of the money. Tiffany belongs to him and he protects what is his. Thrown together around the clock, will they be able to keep their distance or will they act on their growing attraction?

“Running Hot” is impossible to put down! It has great characters, complicated problems, and a hot attraction that leads to steamy sex.   Although Cuss and Tiffany have many interactions with each other, author J.L. Sheppard reveals more of her characters' growth in their interactions with other characters, which is a unique way to write.  The plot is not nearly as original — her family not liking him because of his station in life, they overcome that to be together — pretty much a cookie-cutter trope. The rich characterization and the manner in which Tiffany's life is brought together with Thomas’ is what make this book great.  A great read for anytime of the year!

Laura Dinsdale