Code Wolf (A Macconwood Pack #3)


Computer geek Randell Graves has an amazing life.  As a wolf guard, he writes code for his pack to keep them secure. It's a great job, and he runs his own company on the side.  He has plenty of money, and if he needs to scratch an itch, he has both means and opportunity.  Tulla Nirvelli has her own B&B, a wonderful son, and her own private beach just outside  her back door.  When she meets her new guest, Randell, she and her son are both stunned.  Trouble has found her, and Randell is just the man whose expertise can help her get out of it.  Will she and Randell’s hearts survive intact?

At first, "Code Wolf"  seems the same as other wolf-shifter books — a strong wolf-type saving his fated mate — until it turns on its edge and does not go back.  Randell is a wolf shifter who cannot change at will, which adds freshness and a great angle to the story.   Otherwise, many of the details are not new, but through author C.D. Gorri's eyes a familiar story is told in a compelling and realistic way. "Code Wolf" is the third book in the Macconwood Pack series. Although it stands alone fairly well, readers would benefit from reading the previous installments. The author has written three other series in the same world, and fans of those works will be thrilled with this entry. 

Laura Dinsdale