Recent Reviews

Elizabeth McKenzie, Dickens young mayor has more than enough on her plate running the small, fictitious New England town. Add to that a freak snowstorm that strands her miles from home, a runaway niece, and broken water pipes and who knows what will ensue.

Lady Emma Sinclair is a woman of breeding but also one of conscience. She’s adamant about her causes even when her intelligence and willingness to speak her mind is off putting to members of the ton. When she’s caught in a misunderstanding about being betrothed to the Earl of Peyton, she’s not worried. After all, Philip is currently in America. Isn’t he?

Hannah Eisin wants to gain the respect of her male colleagues. Stuck in a man’s world at the Daily Freiheit, she is determined to be taken seriously. This seems to be one step closer when she is able to get an interview with Talmud professor Nathan Mandel, a controversial professor who has some outrageous views.

Not Your Child

Susan Moss, psychologist and single mother becomes deeply concerned when she realizes that someone is following her twelve-year-old daughter. The man following her is Daniel Kazan, who is absolutely sure that Maddy is his grand daughter who was taken from them when she was just a baby. Susan has a DNA test done and is utterly astounded by the results.

Nikolas Steele is retired and has way too much time to dwell on things. When he finds himself in the midst of a storm, he comes to the aid of a woman and her dog. She can’t seem to remember anything, but whatever is going on, it’s bringing trouble with a capital T. Thea Gale cannot remember what happened to her. Worse still, there seems to be people after her who are determined to kill her.