Not Your Child


Susan Moss, psychologist and single mother becomes deeply concerned when she realizes that someone is following her twelve-year-old daughter. The man following her is Daniel Kazan, who is absolutely sure that Maddy is his grand daughter who was taken from them when she was just a baby. Susan has a DNA test done and is utterly astounded by the results. When Maddy vanishes, Daniel is the number one suspect, but he has an alibi. Susan is beside herself with concern, and wants nothing more than her child back in her arms. All she can do is pray that Maddy is found safe and sound, and that whoever has taken her will be caught and brought to justice.

A very delicate topic is tackled in this novel. The disappearance of a child is difficult to read about, and Lis Angus has done an excellent job of handling the subject. There is a lot of suspense throughout the book, right to the final page. Some aspects of the story do slow down, but overall this is a page turner, and one that will have readers on the edge of their seats. The character arcs are well done, and their development progresses well throughout. “Not Your Child” is one of those reads that some may find difficult to read in one session. But regardless, it’s one that is gripping, harrowing, and nail biting. If this is the first book of the author being read, there will definitely be purchasing of other books for another exciting journey.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick