The Choice: A Novel of Love, Faith and Talmud

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Hannah Eisin wants to gain the respect of her male colleagues. Stuck in a man’s world at the Daily Freiheit, she is determined to be taken seriously. This seems to be one step closer when she is able to get an interview with Talmud professor Nathan Mandel, a controversial professor who has some outrageous views. Hannah is sure that it will be a difficult interview to participate in, but what she doesn’t expect is to be taken on a journey of discovery in text that is forbidden to women. Convincing Nathan to be her teacher, she is exhilarated, thrilled, and finds herself learning things she never thought possible. As their secret meetings continue, both are pulled into the moment, and who knows what will happen?

The concept of this novel is awesome! The style in which Maggie Anton writes just flows so easily, and the language used is beautiful. Hannah is a character that a lot of women will find themselves relating to, and will enjoy going on the journey with her as she learns about things she could never have comprehended. Hannah and Nathan’s character development is spot-on and progresses well throughout the book. “The Choice” is a novel that will remain with readers long after it has been finished, and it’s definitely one that will be re-read again and again. One to most certainly put on the e-reader this spring. Enjoy it on the sofa with a cup of tea or outside in the spring sun!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick