Captured by the Earl (The Secret Crusaders, 2)

Melanie Rose

Lady Emma Sinclair is a woman of breeding but also one of conscience. She’s adamant about her causes even when her intelligence and willingness to speak her mind is off putting to members of the ton. When she’s caught in a misunderstanding about being betrothed to the Earl of Peyton, she’s not worried. After all, Philip is currently in America. Isn’t he? When Philip returns to England, he’s surprised to learn of this unexpected betrothal. Yet, intrigued by the sassy, outspoken young Emma. Will his alter-ego, superhero spy persona prevent him from getting to know the lady who’s quickly stealing his heart? Or, can he carry on with his dangerous missions and still keep her safe?

“Captured by the Earl” started off with a bang. Lady Emma’s wit and sarcasm are entertaining at first, but quickly bog down the story. There is no real development to her character past the quips and banter between herself and the Earl. Emma’s wishy-washy indecision between the Earl and another suitor, weakens her character, especially after she and Philip have been intimate. Philip, Earl of Peyton, is a far more interesting character, despite the lack of backstory to explain how and why he became a spy. The ending seems a bit rushed, but does give the reader the coveted happily-ever-after. A reference to the Earl as a Duke in the final gossip column scene is a bit confusing. However, that, combined with a few grammatical errors did not take away from the story. If you’re a fan of Regency Romance with a somewhat Americanized twist, you may enjoy this story.

N.E. Kelley