Twist My Heart (Wicked Games Book 1)


Nikolas Steele is retired and has way too much time to dwell on things. When he finds himself in the midst of a storm, he comes to the aid of a woman and her dog. She can’t seem to remember anything, but whatever is going on, it’s bringing trouble with a capital T. Thea Gale cannot remember what happened to her. Worse still, there seems to be people after her who are determined to kill her. Thankfully, the ex-Navy SEAL she has run into has experience when it comes to avoiding danger and staying alive. As they run for their lives, their feelings begin to deepen for one another. The question is whether or not they will survive long enough to realize they’re meant to be together.

“Twist My Heart” has a quirky first chapter with some amusing insight into the mind of Nikolas Steele. With decent characters and a plot that flows progressively, this novel takes the reader on a nail biting journey with a sexy as sin hero, a strong yet confused heroine, and an awesome dog. The dialogue and inner thoughts of the main characters are well written and amusing. There are some heart stopping moments and action throughout although there are some errors that could have been flagged in editing, but thankfully they don’t take away from the story. Overall, this is an enjoyable book and an excellent start to which looks to be a promising series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick