Recent Reviews

Cassiopeia Graham is a thorn in the Minister of War director’s side.

Miranda Steele is on her honeymoon to Maui with her new husband, Parker. They have both agreed to put work on hold and there will be no mystery solving on this trip - no matter what happens.

PARANORMAL:  Scout has enough to deal with fighting for her life alongside her on-again, off-again boyfriend Trey—she has to battle the forces of hell who have stolen her family’s souls. Doing it all on the back of her maybe suicidal, maybe thrill-seeking unicorn, Ashra, just adds another unique aspect to the already strange situation. 

NEW ADULT:  Mira and Danny have been in love almost from the day they met, freshman year of college. Along with their two best friends, Kylee and Skylar, they’ve grown closer and closer as the years pass by.

Abigail watched as her father, Lord Bradford, was murdered in front of her just over a decade ago, and she knows for a fact that the man hung for the crime was not the right one.  She knows because she’s just seen the murderer outside her home in Mayfair.