Shunned No More (A Lady Forsaken Book 1) Christina McKnight


REGENCY:  Viola is the reason twin brothers Cody and Winston Haversham fought a duel and shot one another dead on an early morning during her first season. Her first thought is that she needs to find other suitors, and barely has a second thought for the family who has just lost two sons. When the ton shuns her, she flees London and builds a new life for herself as the owner of Foldgers Foals. She lives out in the country and raises and trains some of the finest foals around. She is happy in her life until the day Lord Haversham arrives. Viola lies to Haversham and tells him her name is Lady Posey Hale. Havershams goal in life is to avenge the deaths of his brothers. Little does he know that the woman responsible and the woman he is falling in love with are one and the same.


The story is beautifully written, with Violas duplicity occurring from the beginning and running throughout the piece, adding confusion for several of the other characters and comic relief for the reader. There is a depth of character in Viola which is seldom seen:  she begins as a spoiled debutante and matures into a responsible businesswoman. The backdrop for the story is written so that the reader feels as though they are actually in the country in England and later, in London. Ms. McKnight pays particular attention to detail in bringing this delightful story to life. Readers young and old will be enchanted with this enthralling tale!


Belinda Wilson