The Seer


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Sidney Rinn is a Seer. If an event occurs somewhere she happens to be, she sees the scene as if it is happening right at that moment. Shes had this gift all her life but the nuns in the orphanage always encourage her to suppress it. Once away from the orphanage and at college, her gift gains strength and Sidney finds it hard to determine past events from the present. While visiting a friend she sees a crime occurring , but her friend sees nothing. They go to the police to report it and meet the officer who is working on the crime that happened several days before. She and Denton soon build a working relationship and work the case together. Soon, things start happening to Sidney that are earth shattering and Denton realizes that Sidneys life is in danger.


There are four main characters in this story and all of them are well fleshed-out. Each of them has their own flaws that make them very human and relatable. After a while, a love triangle develops and the reader cant help but to root for both men because they are both such wonderful people. The reader can feel Sidneys angst when she starts thinking she needs to choose between the two. Ms. Daye writes out the scenes with such emotion that the reader gets involved to the point of tears. This is the first of the Sidney Rinn series and this reader looks forward to more!


Belinda Wilson