Home Ice


Lorelai Kelly is a figure skater with the dream of winning an Olympic medal. But, after she is hurt while trying to land a jump, she hasnt been able to get back into the necessary mindset. Her career is definitely not going as planned. 

And then theres Dylan Cole, hockey player and captain for the Las Vegas Sinners. He is on top of the world, but just doesnt feel that way.  Then things look up when he sees Lorelai practicing. She is amazing, and everything hes looking for. If only their careers werent making everything so complicated.

Figure skating, hunky hockey players, whats not to like? Dylan is a wonderful hero - protective, loyal, supportive. Lorelai is also great, stubborn, isnt afraid to work hard to get what she wants. However, there were problems with the plot. The main twists (or problems in their relationship), were basically the same: Lorelai finding out something (whether its tabloid nonsense or a secret Dylan kept) and freaking out and trying to break up with him. It gets repetitive, fast. Nevertheless, it still makes for a satisfying read, what with both of them finding fulfillment in their careers and falling in love. And as the cherry on top, hockey players!

Ana Smith