Recent Reviews

Jayden and Lula have been together since their early teen years, but a motorcycle accident that destroyed his up-and-coming baseball career and took him from college, is colliding with her continuing art education at the same school.

An Irresistible Shadow
Kirsten S.

On the English side of the border, Evelyn, daughter of a Baron, has been allowed to do as she pleases her whole life. And she pleases to learn how to be a Baron, not a Lady. Knowing she needs to marry, her father and her cousin, Madeline, attempt to get her to reconsider never marrying.

DARK FANTASY:  Kyra is a runaway dragon, living in a carnival hidden from human sight. Her friend, Sebastian, is a carnie as well, but she doesn’t know what he is. The carnival chooses who to let in, and is constantly changing locations, both within and without its foggy borders.

NEW ADULT/DYSTOPIAN:  One day life was as we know it. Five years later the economy is down, the government might as well be and billions have been rendered homeless.   Carrie Ashworth has lost her parents and is left with two siblings to take of - all without the papers to make her a citizen.

Marie’s World
Joe E. Legend,
Kristal McKerrington

Marie dances. It’s her life, the way she keeps sane, the infrastructure of her soul. In a life clouded with secrets, the little clarity Marie carves out for herself is precious. So, it comes as no surprise that a book written by her twin sister revealing Marie’s secrets is a danger to…everything.