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SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Technician Nash Korpes knows about being different.  As a walking embodiment of a war-filled past that most would like to forget, he walks a thin line between acceptability and ostracism.

Tristian Shandie can’t afford to fall in love.  After watching his parent’s death, he has put all his efforts into becoming the Chief Enforcer for the Demon Overlord and protecting his younger sister.

Loved You Always

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Emily Rose has been best friends with Gem since they were kids, and she has been in love with him since high school.  Confused by her growing attraction she has tried to hide her feelings from Gem.  Love turns to bitterness when Gem leaves her without even a goodbye and goes to Europe.  Five long years pass with no word, until suddenly Gem is back in her life again to claim he

Atropos is the Fate known as Death.  She has lost the scissors with which she can cut the threads of life and balance the fates of humans all over the world.  An evil entity known as Keres has thrown the human world into chaos and the gods of Olympus are playing games, with humanity and Atropos as the pawns.  Betrayed by her sister and the God of War Ares, Atropos must regain her scissors and s

The Talisman: Crisscross

TIME TRAVEL:  Trish Larsen has come home in utter defeat.  At thirty years old, she has failed the bar exam for the third time and has no idea what her future will bring.  The only thing she has left is a trinket left to her by her beloved Grammy — one that can unlock the secret of time travel. Until now Trish has never believed the stories Grammy told her.