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Songwriter Night: A Musical Romance
D. G. Driver
Narrator: A Full Cast of Nashville Performers

Lyle and Trish are two aspiring musicians in Nashville that happen to meet at a coffee shop in the heart of the city. Wanting to help the cute and talented new girl in town, Lyle invites Trish to a monthly gathering of songwriters to help her meet some people in the industry. Everything seems to be going fantastically well.

Blends (The Crescent Lake Winery Series, #0.5)
Lucinda Race
Narrator: Lisa Beacom

Sam Price must put his dreams on hold because of his mother’s illness worsening. Some things are a blessing in disguise, though. He’s found contentment in working at the family vineyard, and he’s gotten a chance to build a relationship with his high school crush. Overwhelmed by her parents’ ambitious plans for her life, Sherry Jones is desperate for a way out.

Laney Jones, an English-Lit teacher, has always been quiet, living in a house full of rescued cats in Hardin, Montana. When she is diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, she breaks up with her boyfriend and creates a wild bucket list, which includes sleeping with a biker. Little does she know, she’ll find the man of her dreams.

Jean le Beau, a villainous mercenary is deceased, but it is discovered his estate, Chateau de Vries, is promised to Jean’s brother, Gaston, instead of his eldest son, Maximilian. Maximilian, shocked by the turn of events, walks away to claim the broken Kilderrick, hoping to one day secretly reclaim the estate.

Aurorette “Rory” Arrington has a new British boyfriend, Peter Ryder, and a brand-new job. The only problem—they are over 3,000 miles away from each other. Just after getting together in California, Rory and Peter are separated as Rory dives headfirst into her Boston job.