Duke of Madness


When Miss Julia Wallace walks into the handsome Duke of Elmhurst, she immediately falls for him; however, for some reason, he thinks that she stole his lucky pocket watch. To correct this wrong, Mrs. Rutley, headmistress of the School for Young Women, suggests that she could accompany him at the party he was hosting and where she should be his new lucky charm during the negotiations. Matthew accepts, hoping to obtain a confession from the thief, but he starts to get more and more interested in Miss Wallace, and threatened by the possibility of falling in love with her, he remembers the promise he made to himself: he would not fall in love if he was destined to become as mad as his father.

With “Duke of Madness”, Jennifer Monroe manages to tell us a thrilling story about a man who is supposedly destined to inherit his father’s madness, and a young, beautiful, and extremely intelligent lady searching for love. Julia does not care that she is accused of theft, she is determined to prove her innocence with her actions, and is thrilled to spend more time with this really handsome man; in addition, Matthew has decided that he will get a confession out of her, but he will try not to fall in love with such a gorgeous, witty woman. A beautiful story of a woman who tries to follow her heart and a man who refuses to fall in love in order to protect her from his future condition.

Anthony Carbonell