No Choice at all (Granite Cove #3)


After her parents pass away, Rebecca steps up to take guardianship of her special needs younger brother, Drew. Needing a fresh start, Rebecca and Drew move to Granite Cove where she opens a flower shop. While having a few friends helps to distract Rebecca from the pain still lingering in her heart, all of her focus centers around protecting and caring for Drew. There is simply no time for love in her life. The last thing Rebecca expects is to find that Ian, the charming one night stand she had in a completely different city, and the man that nearly stole her heart, lives in her new town. Now, Ian is determined to prove that fate was right to give him a second chance to win her over, and show her how wonderful romance can be.

“No Choice at all” is a heartwarming journey sure to take readers on an adventure that will stick with them for a long time. The raw pain of loss and heavy responsibility that Rebecca feels after losing her parents easily flows off the page in every small struggle she has and it’s beautifully written. In contrast, Ian lightens the mood naturally and brings about bursts of laughter and love when the reader least expects it. Ian gives Rebecca something she didn’t realize she desperately needs - a support system and a deep, true love. There are some points in the story that leave readers a little confused when aspects of the characters are left out, then revealed later on. However, the book’s overall theme of growth, family, and love makes this story a must read. 

Annalee Stilove