Jagged Feathers (The White Rune Series #2)


The IED that ended his career didn’t just leave Vann with a few scars and bad memories; it took such a big piece of his heart, soul, and body that Vann is left feeling as though he can never be made whole again. All that changes when he sees the brave Nakina, charging down a quiet Texas street, and straight into his heart. Being chased by a cartel is not what Nakina expected when her boss asked her for a desperate favor. Now she’s on the run, and the only person who makes her feel safe is the sexy soldier who saved her on the street. The last thing she wants is to drag Vann into danger, yet Nakina can’t help but feel as though she belongs with this man.

Emotion and action start the story with a boom that is sure to entice any suspense reader. However, while the book does start with a shock of adrenaline, it quickly loses the suspense as the story jumps from one thought to the next. One second the characters can be talking about a life and death plan, and the next they pause that conversation to ask how the coffee tastes. This mixed with the editorial and research errors can, at times, leave the reader a little confused as to what happened, or the true extent of its impact. There is a scene that depicts an animal being hurt which may be upsetting to some readers. With that being said, this suspense romance takes the characters' relationship to a deeper level as they get to know each other outside of the adrenaline soaked moments.

Annalee Stilove