Gambling On Her Panther (Shifters in Vegas #3)


Dakota’s plan was simple: sell the part of the gun range she owned, leave Vegas, and get back to the quiet life she left behind when she set out to be a stuntwoman - that is until she meets Dex. Now, the very thought of leaving the hot, noisy city without him makes her heart ache, though she has no idea why. Dex, a rare panther shifter, wants to make a difference for wild panthers. A decision to help a friend make a hefty sum at the shady casino owned by vampires where Dex works, leads to Dex getting a sizable donation toward his cause, but draws the vampires’ attention. Now, Dex must figure out how to get himself and the woman he didn’t realize was his mate out of the city with their lives.

Claws and cards combine in a gamble sure to win readers' hearts in this fast paced tale. Despite their obvious differences, Dex and Dakota are both ferocious characters that match each other beautifully. The way in which Dakota’s past prepares her for the paranormal world she didn’t know existed makes her character easy for readers to relate to. The respect Dex has for Dakota is nothing short of swoon worthy. Every instinct screams at him to protect and claim her, but he knows any direction her life takes has to be her choice. While the love Dex and Dakota have for each other radiates off the page, readers do miss out on the fire of them meeting, as the story starts shortly after. All in all, “Gambling On Her Panther” is a heart pounding romance that’s sure to satisfy.

Annalee Stilove