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A Cocky Catch
Annika Champenois

NEW ADULT: Surrey is gorgeous but she is also cursed. Every guy she dates finds his true love just when she thinks they are headed for forever. As a student at BYU, it is hard to avoid dating, but after her most recent heartbreak she is determined to wait a bit before jumping back into the dating pool.

Troy Lucas has committed his future to being a rancher and farrier, with a little team roping on the side with his cousin. A former rodeo star, he gave up the constant travel to help his grandmother run the family ranch. Chef Lark Gibson is determined to make her food truck a success and then open a restaurant in Portland.

Bowen Jensen is a hard-working rancher and entrepreneur. Keeping his ranch going and his business, Sleigh Bell Tours, running takes up most of his time. Between working and raising his teenage sister, he has no time left for a personal life.

The Christmas Kiss

HISTORICAL: Gracy Randall arrives home after 6 years of being away. To her surprise, her parents have not only moved out of the family ranch, but they have also sold it! Gracy’s dismay overwhelms her good nature, leaving the new owner, Cord, and his son, bewildered by her rude behavior. Gracy realizes the errors of her ways and quickly apologizes, knowing she was raised better.

Guiding the Grouch

A chance meeting in a Summer Creek diner turns billionaire Gabe Gatlin into Dani Latham’s Christmas project, but it might just be the present they both need for the holidays.