Savoring Christmas (Rodeo Romance Book 10)

Shanna Hatfield

Troy Lucas has committed his future to being a rancher and farrier, with a little team roping on the side with his cousin. A former rodeo star, he gave up the constant travel to help his grandmother run the family ranch. Chef Lark Gibson is determined to make her food truck a success and then open a restaurant in Portland. When a runaway steer brings the pair together, they find something sparking between them that neither of them thought they’d ever find. But Troy’s dreams keep him at the family ranch, and Lark’s dreams take her away from both. As Christmas approaches and old fears begin to resurface, both Troy and Lark will have to determine just what they really want in life.

A charming romance between a rodeo rancher and a potato princess, Troy and Lark are delightful together as they reconcile their dreams with their budding relationship. Both main characters have had trouble with relationships in the past and must overcome doubts and fears concerning their new promising relationship. At the same time, Troy and Lark stand out in that Troy is reserved but not brooding. He is supportive and helpful to Lark, but he’s not infallible. Lark is hardworking and caring to Troy, but wary of giving up her dreams as well. Avoiding many tropes, their pairing is both realistic and natural to the point that the reader could easily envision meeting the couple in real life. Lovers of rural contemporary romance will find that this book is a fabulous choice!

Sarah E Bradley