Falling for the Rancher (Black Rock Ranch #3)

Jen Peters

Cassie Phillips, an elementary school teacher, has always felt like she doesn’t quite fit in with her friends and family. She spends a lot of her time training her rescue horse, Chance, and focusing on her work. But when the boarding stable that Chance is kept in unexpectedly burns to the ground, Chance is placed at a ranch run by the handsome Micah Black. As a divorced father to a nonverbal child, Micah has had his fair share of trauma. He is very hesitant to open his heart to anyone, until he is introduced to Cassie. The immediate attraction between the two is undeniable, and Micah, being the religious man that he is, continuously prays to God to show him how to handle their newfound relationship. Cassie is drawn to him, but they are so different in many ways, including their religious beliefs. Will they be able to build a relationship, or should they take different paths in life?

"Falling for the Rancher” is an emotionally moving story about two people who couldn’t be more different from each other, meeting each other by happenstance. Learning about the history of Micah Black will have readers falling in love with him. While his history is very detailed, readers will find that the other characters aren’t explained as in depth as he is, and it would be nice to learn more about Cassie to better understand her history, personality, and her reasoning behind her actions. Nonetheless, Ms. Peters does a great job of incorporating the religious aspects into the story, and keeps things very wholesome. Christian romance readers, as well as fans of swoon-worthy cowboys, will absolutely adore this.

Jennifer Shepherd