Love on Target (Pink Pistols Sisterhood series, book 2)

Shanna Hatfield

HISTORICAL:1894—Rena Burke leaves her home in Texas and rides her old mule to her cousin’s place in Holiday, Oregon. Theo had written, thinking she could get a job working with him in the mine. Rena isn’t the average woman of the times. A tragedy left her scarred physically and emotionally, and she refuses to wear skirts as expected. Instead, she wears men’s trousers and isn’t afraid of doing a man’s work. Damaged as she is, Rena doubts she will ever attract a suiter, so she prepares for life as a maid and provides for herself. She is independent and strong.  Josh Gatlin is a saddle maker in Holiday. Widowed, his whole world revolves around his young outgoing daughter, Gabi. Gabi forms an almost instant bond with Rena. However, a trouser-wearing, pistol- shooting, mine-blasting woman isn’t the sort of mother he wants for Gabi.

Shanna Hatfield scores another winner with this story! As part of the Pink Pistols Sisterhood series, “Love on Target” is creative and well-written. The characters are well-developed. Gabi Jo will steal reader’s hearts, and Rena will feel like a sister to root for.  The short plot did lack a lot of conflict, and setting details seemed sparse, but the characters, including secondary characters, shine through. Rena and Josh make a great couple, and it is refreshing to watch them cross their hurdles with love, patience, and faith in God. Sometimes the very people we think we don’t need or want might turn out to be the ones we can’t do without. Rena’s new beginning becomes a captivating tale of loss and family in this Christian fiction that readers won’t want to miss!

Emerson Matthews