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You’re the Cream in My Coffee
Jennifer Lamont

HISTORICAL:  After suffering fainting spells just before her wedding, Marjorie Corrigan travels to Chicago for some tests, only to get the surprise of a lifetime when she spots

It’s Christmas Eve and Carrie Sanders is hurrying through the airport to catch her flight home when she accidentally bumps into a soldier with bright green eyes also heading home for Christmas.  They part


Cecilia Gage lands a job as a housekeeper for best-selling author Mark Andrews. As she settles into the household she reaches out to Mr.

Ella Valentine lost her other half when her twin brother passed away while they were in college. When she lost him she also lost herself.

The Book of Sonny

Sonny is not loving life. His wife is distant, his children are estranged, and the only love he gets is from the family dog.