Redeeming Honor

E. A.

Meghan Carpenter is happy to give her twin brother Ryan a safe place to recover after he returns home from the war. When Ryan asks to bring home a wounded buddy as well, she agrees without question. A bit more help around her alpaca farm so she can run her yarn business would be appreciated. Except Ryan doesn’t bring home another marine, but rather a former Afghan interpreter and recent Christian convert who is struggling with not just physical injuries, but emotional wounds, and culture shock on top of everything else. Basir Hamidi is interested in Meghan, but interactions with single women in America are vastly different from what he’s used to. Meghan suspects Basir is interested in her, but he seems so shy she isn’t sure how to broach the subject. Does God want the pair together, or is there something else in store?

A contemporary Christian romance and inspirational novel, “Redeeming Honor” takes an intriguing look at the life of one Christian convert, and the costs associated with helping Americans. The plot is smooth, and the emotions and culture-shock Basir feels are well done. The romance between Meghan and Basir is appropriate for their situation, clean and slow to build as the story goes on. Although the story lacks distinguishable conflict, the steady pace of character growth keeps the story going, and readers interested in an inspirational Christian novel that keeps from being too light or too heavy should definitely look into this one.

Sarah E Bradley